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BIRA produces numerous reports, papers, and presentations detailing the results of the research it performs. Many of these documents are published in magazine articles, professional journals and websites to share the knowledge gained on energy efficiency. Additionally, documents that overview BIRA projects are published by partners and government agencies. All of the publications serves as an effective tool to communicate the progress and future of the BIRA program.

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PDF Sacramento's Zero Energy Home Community
PDF Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems - PATH Case Study
PDF Solar Energy - What You Should Know
PDF The Near Zero Energy House
PDF Final Report: Results of Advanced Systems Research
PDF Final Report: Results of Research Systems For Prototype Homes
PDF Final Report: Occupied Home Evaluation Results
PDF Zero Peak Homes - A Sustainable Step
PDF Moving Ducts Inside: Big Builders, Scientists Find Common Ground
PDF Feedback Systems in High Efficiency Solar Homes: Fostering Energy-Efficient Occupants
PDF Building America Homes: A Blueprint for the 2030 Challenge
PDF Daybreak High Performance Homes
PDF Contractor builds zero-energy house
PDF Zero Peak Homes: Real Homes, Real Savings
PDF Trading Up to a Hybrid Home
PDF Advanced Systems Research: Final Report
PDF K Street One Sheet
PDF Building a Market for Solar Homes
PDF Putting It all Together: Aggregating Benefits, Selling to Stakeholders The Benefits of Zero Energy Homes Reach Far Beyond Homeowners
PDF High-Performance Home Technologies: Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Systems - January 2007
PDF Crawlspace Design in Marine and Cold Climates

Zero Energy New Homes Program

PDF Single Family and Multifamily Homes in the Zero Energy New Homes (ZENH) Program in California Reduce Peak Load and Can Reduce the need for New Power Plants and Electrical Distribution?
PDF Are Zero Energy New Homes (ZENH) Good for the Builder, Good for the Buyer, and Good for the Electric Utility?


PDF Residential Plug Loads & Controls: What’s New, What’s Next?
PDF Moving Energy Efficiency to the Mainstream: A Model for Production Builders
PDF Kindling a Market Transformation in the Pacific Northwest - Building High Performance Houses
PDF Solar and Energy Efficiency Power Homes
PDF Borrego Springs - Experiment in Pre-Cooling - PCBC 2007
PDF The Benefits of Zero Energy Homes Reach Far Beyond Homeowners - ASES Solar 2007
PDF Premier Gardens & Cresleigh Rosewood: A Zero Energy Community Case Study - ASES Solar 2007
PDF Peak Electric Demand Increases the Importance of Thermal Mass and Passive Solar - ASES Solar 2007
PDF Near Zero Energy Homes - ASHRAE Annual Meeting 2007
PowerPoint Creative Builders + Cooperative Trades + Innovative Product = A Winning Energy Formula
PowerPoint Deconstruction and Green Building: Waste Management Reuse and Recycling
PowerPoint Steel Framing For The California Residential New Construction Market: Title 24 Energy Standards

Case Studies

PDF Building America Gate 3 Report 40% Efficiency in Hot-Humid Climate - Forest City - April 2010
PDF Building America Stage Gate 3 Initial Community Opportunities Summary report - September 2009
PDF Centex Avignon Case Study - June 2007
PDF Premier Gardens Case Study - June 2007
PDF Clarum Vista Montana Case Study - June 2007
PDF On the Path to Zero Energy Homes in New Mexico - March 2007
PDF Progress Report 8 - Pilot State Policy Recommendations - December 2006


PDF 2007 3rd Quarter
PDF 2007 4th Quarter
PDF 2008 1st Quarter
PDF 2008 2nd Quarter
PDF 2008 4th Quarter
PDF 2009 1st Quarter
PDF 2009 2nd Quarter
PDF 2009 3rd Quarter
PDF 2009 4th Quarter
PDF 2010 1st Quarter
PDF 2010 2nd Quarter
PDF 2010 3rd Quarter

Borrego Springs

PDF 1.6.2. Publication - Home Energy Magazine
PDF Results of Advanced Systems Reseach



Building America, Research Toward Zero Energy Homes

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