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The Building Industry Research Alliance (BIRA) is a diverse coalition of over eighty industry partners committed to improving energy and resource efficiency in residential housing for the Department of Energy's Building America Program (BAP). The goal of BAP is to build marketable, cost-effective Net Zero Energy Homes across the country by 2020. BIRA, one of the fifteen DOE teams, is led by California based energy consultant ConSol. BIRA works with innovative home builders to combine solar energy systems with highly energy efficient designs, construction practices and technologies to produce homes on a community scale that:

  • Use 40% to 70% less energy
  • Provide improved comfort and indoor air quality
  • Reduce construction time and waste
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Provide advanced energy systems and products
  • Improve marketability for builder

Zero Energy Homes partners map


The Role of Appraisals in Energy Efficiency Retrofit Financing

California’s New Solar Homes Partnership gains from Building America research

The Proven Benefits of Near Zero Energy Homes at Premier Gardens

Solar Orientation of Photovoltaic Panels on a Community Scale


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